Poverty steals the opportunity to live LIFE in its fullness.

SPICMA is a Catholic charity which aims to help those who would otherwise fall between the cracks left by the larger charities.

Current Appeals (1)

October 2023 – Borehole for St Joseph Mission Hospital in Nyabondo, Kenya

This hospital has recently undergone major improvements. It’s owned by the Archdiocese of Kisumu, and the Kenyan government provided funding to expand its emergency and trauma capacity in view of its proximity to major roads.  An ambulance was paid for by a Swiss charity. It has also secured an important partnership with a UK medical charity, Future Health Africa. The UK group has agreed to undertake free trauma orthopaedic surgery and training programmes if the water and electricity supply for the hospital can be made reliable. This is why Fr Francis Konyach contacted SPICMA.

Can you please help us raise enough for the installation of a borehole on the hospital grounds.

Main entrance to hospital
The hospital has recently undergone major improvements...

Current Appeals (2)

October 2023 – Roof for school dormitory, Ssese Islands, Uganda

The Ssese Islands form an archipelago in Lake Victoria in Uganda. Only 11 of the 64 inhabited islands have a school, so many children receive no formal education at all. To address this, an ambitious project was launched in 2019 to build a large primary school on the main island which will offer full boarding facilities. This would give boys and girls from the archipelago a chance to complete their early education. hanks to a generous contribution from the city of Vienna, the majority of the buildings have been constructed.  The only crucial element still unfinished is the boys’ dormitory. SPICMA has been asked to fund the roof of this large structure at a cost of £8,500.  

This school is an important step in improving the region’s education system and we are very grateful for whatever you can give towards it.

The only crucial element still unfinished is the boys’ dormitory

Current Appeals (3)

October 2023 – Practical Support for Nkenge Prisoner, Tanzania

Nkenge Prison is located in the northwest of Tanzania on the shores of Lake Victoria. It’s quite a small prison with a capacity of 50 men. Fr. Achilleus visits twice a month to assist them with their physical and spiritual needs and has asked for funds to improve the conditions. He wishes to ensure all the men have a mattress, sheets and blankets, as well as boots, basic items of clothing and additional food.

Nkenge prisoners at work
Prisoners at work
Current sleeping provisions
Current bedding for some prisoners

Can you help us fund this project?

Recent News

June 2023…Modern toilet block for St John the Baptist School, Odzi, Zimbabwe

St John the Baptist School in Odzi, Zimbabwe has a new, modern toilet block following a grant from SPICMA.

The school Head had this to say: “This is a milestone in our school considering that we have been sharing a two-hole pit latrine. The financial assistance we received and the work done so far has changed the way our school looks at WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). One student remarked, ‘It is a dream to have pit latrines turned into a modern toilet with seats and doors. We are grateful for the help in developing our school and uplifting our society’ ”.

There was great singing and celebration by the students and faculty when the project was completed. You can get a feel of the atmosphere from this short video (opens in a new window).

June 2023…New classroom block for Mlunduni School in Malawi

Thanks to our donors, SPICMA was able to fund a new classroom block for Mlunduni School in Malawi.  This was the second such project from Fr Alfred Genesis Kalumbi who wrote the following.  “I am glad today to report that with SPICMA’s financial support, Mlunduni Primary School has a new block with two classrooms. There was a wonderful collaboration with the community in the project implementation. The community was very cooperative and enthusiastic, which contributed to smooth implementation. Heartfelt gratitude for the indelible support.”

The blessing ceremony was marked by great celebration and joy.

November 2022…School Classroom Block Renovation in Uganda

St Maria Goretty Nursery and Primary School in northern Uganda requested our help in renovating a large classroom block.  It was constructed of brick, but had been left unfinished for some time.  SPICMA sent a grant of £8,000 for repairs to the gables, plastering of both the inside and outside, the construction of a new floor and verandah and the installation of new doors and windows.

The work has transformed the environment for the school community in this poor region and we thank our donors who made all it possible.

August 2022…Care for Prisoners in Tanzania

Donors were especially generous in support of our recent appeal on behalf of Fr Moses and Fr Bonaventure, two prison chaplains in Tanzania. We are awaiting Fr Moses’ report and expect it soon. Fr Bonaventure sent the following:

“After Sunday Mass we [he and his parishioners] started off to the prison. One of the Catholic Christians volunteered her car to carry the big bulk of blankets and toilet soap boxes. But also, we Christians walked on foot to the prison courtyard carrying many items. We took a photo at the entrance corner. The young children you can see in the pictures were singing along the way.

When we reached the entrance of the prison we were given conditions; example, not allowing children under 18 to enter into prison courtyard where you can see me addressing the prisoners and providing them some extra basic needs. We were completely not allowed to enter the prison with camera or mobile phones; we left them at the  entrance gate.  So even the photos we are sending to you were taken by soldiers and later on posted to me.

After my introductory speech and handing over procedures we heard also the sorrowful speech of the prisoners and those who were in custody for future trials. They thanked us  (You and Us) very much!  I told them that we contributed a little sum of money for them, but the people of the UK have given more than 85% of the provision. They thanked us a lot!  I told them that if the situation allows, we will come again to visit them even if we only bring our brotherly/sisterly LOVE! We came back on foot to the Parish – we were very tired.”

Since this report, SPICMA has sent another grant to Fr Bonaventure so he can continue his care for the prisoners.